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Founded in 2003, originally as a local magazine for the Russian-speaking community in London, New Style is now sold in the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and even Hong Kong. New Style is also available in Business Class on flights to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, in Business Class airport lounges in Heathrow in London, UK; SwissAir lounge in Geneva, Switzerland; Domodedovo and Sheremetievo in Moscow, and on private jet charter flights.

New Style is aimed at the affluent Russian-speaking community in the UK and Europe, and high net worth visitors to the UK and top European destinations.

The magazine’s target audience is essentially “Global Russians” – well-established, well-educated, and well-travelled individuals who know exactly what they want in life. Aimed at both a male and female audience, New Style features celebrity interviews and lifestyle topics such as travel, fashion, jewellery and watches, property, entertainment, art, theatre, cinema, music, cars, and the latest gadgets. New Style is a magazine depicting an aspirational lifestyle for a discerning readership.

New Style is published by Russian Media House, a London-based publishing company that also produces the luxury shopping and entertainment guide Exclusive London and the free weekly newspaper Pulse UK.

Russian Media House has unique access to the Russian-speaking audience. With over six years’ market experience, Russian Media House has positioned itself as a major player in the life of the Russian-speaking community in London, organising and taking part in key Russian and international events.



Subscribers' Profile

Men 40%

Women 60%

Social Class AB 76%

Social Class C 9%

Age Group 20-55 81%

Net household income is higher than £100,000